2030 Vision

Every few years we agree a strategy called a 'Mission Action Plan' or MAP.



We have three priorities in our 2030 Vision: to be Bigger, Greener and Younger.

1. Bigger:

We are praying that God will help us start new congregations in Southall to  reach new people in ways relevant to them

2. Greener:

We want to do our part  in looking after God’s world which faces the human made climate crisis.  We have a Eco Church Silver award and are aiming for Gold.

3. Younger: 

We desire children and young people to feel like St  George’s is a place where they belong, are valued and have a voice.



We have three key  ‘everybody’ values that underlie who we are and what we do:

1. Everybody Up :

We want everything we do to be  part of our worship of God

2. Everybody In:

We are committed to building a community of people where we feel we belong and are supported by others

3. Everybody Out:

God sends us out into the world to point to Him through our actions and words

Our motto is 'Following Jesus Christ 24/7'.