Together with Jesus, Transforming People, Transforming Southall

The five churches in the Southall Group have made a commitment to work together and support each other in our shared mission and ministry to Southall. We aim to use our gifts as effectively as we can to take God's love to local people and to transform Southall through collaboration and engagement.

Our five churches are:


Emmanuel Church

Fleming Road
Sunday 11:00




Holy Trinity Church

Uxbridge Road
Sunday 10:00



St George’s Church

Lancaster Road
Sunday 10:30



St John’s Church

Havelock Road
Sunday 10:30



St Mary’s Church

Tentelow Lane
Sunday 10:00 



Our Mission Action Plan details our vision and how we hope to achieve it. You can view a short description of our churches and the nature of ministry in Southall.

Our priorities until 2020 are taken from the London Diocesan Capital Vision 2020: 

  1. Confident in speaking and living the gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Compassionate in serving Southall with the love of God the Father
  3. Creative in reaching new people and areas of Southall with the Good News in the power of the Spirit 

Our values are: 
  • As parishes we will work together and support one another in our mission and ministry to Southall 
  • We desire to see each church become healthier and flourishing individually, while consistently asking the question what can we do better together, rather than alone
  • To incorporate a defined corporate mission into our individual churches’ MAPs 
  • To approach our work together with a united but light touch (not duplicating ministries or making our corporate mission a burden) 

Some of the things we're doing together are:

  • Joint services
  • Providing training
  • Developing and strengthening our links with existing community organisations
  • Expanding our work in schools
  • Joint youth work
  • Supporting the churches in Lichinga, Mozambique
  • Having fun together!



If you want to find which church is nearest to you, search A Church Near You.