Together with Jesus,

Transforming People

Transforming Southall

The six churches in the Southall Group have made a commitment to work together and support each other in our shared mission and ministry to Southall. We aim to use our gifts as effectively as we can to take God's love to local people and to transform Southall through collaboration and engagement.

Our six churches are:


Emmanuel Church

Fleming Road
Sunday 11:00




Holy Trinity Church

Uxbridge Road
Sunday 10:00



St George’s Church

Lancaster Road
Sunday 10:30



St John’s Church

Havelock Road
Sunday 10:30



St Mary’s Church

Tentelow Lane
Sunday 10:00 



Christ The Redeemer

Allenby Road
Sunday 9.30 


Christ the Redeemer   Wilson Masih


You can read a short description of our churches and the nature of ministry in Southall.

We are are currently praying and asking God to show us the priorities for the next 10 years.

You can watch a short  presentation about our 2030 Vision

Some of the things we're doing together already are:

  • Praying together
  • Joint services
  • Joint training
  • Joint youth work
  • Schools work
  • Supporting the churches in Lichinga, Mozambique
  • Having fun together!



If you want to find which church is nearest to you, search A Church Near You.