NikkitaI have lived in Southall all my life. I’ve come and gone from church over the years, but came back over three years ago and haven’t missed a Sunday since!

I am a Christian because I couldn’t live without Jesus Christ in my life. He brings me such peace and re-assurance. Having lived a life without him before, I know that I do not want to live that way again.

I walked away from church when I was 16. Coming back at 20 was difficult because I didn’t think that God would accept me back. But once I understood the Gospel and the message of Jesus Christ, I realised that God had forgiven me a long time ago. I just needed to learn how to forgive myself.

To me, the Bible means truth. Whenever I doubt in my life, I turn to the Bible. Whenever I’m happy, I turn to the Bible. It symbolises God’s truth for me and there is nothing more important than that.

Easter reminds me of the debt that has now been paid through Jesus Christ, the power of the resurrection and what it means to lay down his life so that I could live mine.

I gave up my full-time job to intern for St George’s. Although I was getting paid, it was never as much as I had before. There have been months where I didn’t think I’d have enough money to top up my Oyster, for example. But I’d get to the station and find that the money is already on there! God is good!


ParmjitI’m from a Sikh Punjabi background and I’ve been coming to St George’s for three years.

I became a Christian because my life was in a mess and I was looking for help. St George’s has shown me love and encouragement.

God has given peace, love and unity in my family. He answered my prayer for my son to pass his Master’s degree.

I felt forgiven by God after my baptism at St George’s. I felt the love of God very strongly. God is my Father, my Saviour, my everything. Thank you Heavenly Father for changing my life.

The Bible is like a torch that guides me.

Christmas and Easter are special to me because on those days people show and share God’s love with each other.


“I felt forgiven by God after my baptism at St George’s. I felt the love of God very strongly.”