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Pray as you go

PPE, Praise, prayer and encouragement

Things you can do at home...

Sunday Service 26th April

What can i do in financial difficulty?

Prayer for carers

Let's clap for carers

Inspiration exists

Creativity comes from God

Looking in the mirror

Sunday Service 19th April

Ha ha!

A prayer for the bereaved

Engraved on the palm of God's hand

Jesus never sleeps

Public service announcement

Bank holiday, no filming today!

The end of Lent

Watch our Easter Sunday Service

Watch our Good Friday service...

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God's handiwork points us to Him

Palm Sunday 5th April 2020

A prayer

What's my identity? 'You are my beloved child'

St George's and money in this time of corona virus

Who made God?  A good question from a 6 year old.

Sunday Service 29th March 2020

Downing Street Prayer for prime minster (filmed before lockdown)

Even though we have to stay apart, Jesus doesn't do social distancing

Spiritual exercise builds spiritual muscles

Fasting from a fast life (filmed before lockdown)

What really matters? Things or people? (filmed before lockdown)

Intercessions Mothering Sunday 22nd March

Psalm 91 Mothering Sunday 22nd March

Mothering Sunday Message 22nd March

How to cope with information overload. (filmed before lockdown)

A call to the national day of prayer 22nd March

Message at start of coronavirus crisis